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Located in Texarkana Texas.
We have been in the Orifice Plate Business for over thirty years.

Quality Control is Number One at Kelley...

From the first inspection of raw materials, to the final inspection prior to shipping, Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc. maintains a rigid quality-control program.  We utilize only stretcher-level quality stainless steel sheets that meet our exacting specifications
for orifice plate manufacturing.

Each machining stage is performed in a temperature-controlled environment and has its own inspection process by Kelley's highly skilled workers. These inspections are done using certified, calibrated measurement apparatus traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology Registry (formerly National Bureau of Standards). Our final inspection ensures that Kelley® Orifice Plates not only meets, but exceeds all A.G.A, A.P.I. and G.P.A. Standards.



Quality, Prompt Delivery, and Customer Satisfaction...

The success Kelley 304we have experienced over the past thirty years is primarily due to three
main factors:

Kelley produces only the highest quality orifice plates at competitive prices.

Our quick delivery time results in less down-time, less cost, and higher satisfaction for our customers.

We sell only through reputable distributors who are knowledgeable about the requirements of the natural gas industry and who maintain only the highest standards of excellence.

The Manufacturing of Orifice Plates is Our Primary Concern...

For thirty years, Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc. has been privileged to serve the natural gas industry. We are proud that the manufacturing of quality Kelley® Orifice Plates has never been a sideline business, but our number-one concern.





Orifice Plate Production Information...

Kelley Instrument Machine has been manufacturing quality orifice plates since 1975.
In all areas, we meet or exceed the standards set for the production of orifice
plates by the American Gas Association Report #3 and A.P.I. 14.3.

Sizes of universal type Kelley® Orifice Plates available are 1/2" to 36" line sizes measuring
1/8", 1/4",3/8" and 1/2" in thickness. Materials available are 304SS and 316SS. Exotic materials and other sizes are available with a slightly longer delivery time.

Paddle type Kelley® Orifice Plates are
available in the same materials as the universals ranging 1/2" to 24" line sizes.

We also inventory seal rings of Hycar, Viton, and Teflon of standard sizes and schedules. Bonded/vulcanized universal orifice plates are also available on a special order basis. Kelley® Universal Type Orifice Plates fit all manufacturer's meters fabricated to AGA Report #3 and A.P.I. 14.3 Specifications.


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